A Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast reports from the digital frontier, where supply chains are being reinvented. We interview leaders from the Zero100 Community who are digitizing supply chains in order to power growth, improve resilience, and decarbonize operations. Join us as we accelerate the Zero100 vision of Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains.


Ongoing pandemic woes, inflation and geopolitical turmoil have put supply chains at the top of headlines nonstop for the past three years, and 2022 was no exception.
December 29 37 mins
Global supply chains are still recovering from pandemic disruptions, while also trying to evolve toward sustainable operations.
December 15 40 mins
The energy that powers global supply chains is also the biggest source of carbon emissions on our planet. But what exactly does that mean?
December 1 38 mins
Supply chains need to be transformed, not just optimized, to survive the climate crisis.
November 17 40 mins
In episode 1, host Kevin O’Marah tackles the ongoing labor shortages that threaten the health of the global supply chain.
October 31 40 mins