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 AI and digitization present a once-in-a generation opportunity for supply chain — a peak of influence but also a peak of expectations.

Boards of directors, investors, and consumers widely recognize radical reinvention in supply chain as the critical unlock to drive growth, resilience, and shareholder value but demand leaders do so in a more responsible way.

we do

We partner with the world’s most influential C-level supply chain and operations officers and their teams to help invent more agile, resilient, and responsible supply chains.

Driven by research, powered by community

We provide the insight and intelligence you need to make tangible progress on critical priorities, innovate where there is no playbook, and win today while preparing for tomorrow. 

How we do it

The Zero100 Flywheel
Members tap into a blend of unique data, research insights, events, and community brainpower that supports every stage of the digitization journey.
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Insights &
Advisory Board

Tailored, data-driven research and analysis, flanked by executive insights and real-world case studies, help our members accelerate on the path to digitization.

Our active network of supply chain executives, disruptive thought-leaders, and cutting-edge technologists share learnings, challenge assumptions, and build connections at intimate in-person and virtual events.

A group of the world’s most influential leaders and opinion shapers, drawn from a diverse range of industries, maintains our focus on the supply chain and digitization issues that matter most.

Zero100's customers include some of the world's most influential brands.

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Scott Galloway

Clinical Professor of Marketing

Ana Corrales

Chief Operating Officer, Devices & Services

Dave Clark

Fmr. CEO, Worldwide Consumer

Andrea Albright

Executive Vice President, Sourcing and Operating Partner, Massmart

Stephanie Hart

Executive Vice President, Head of Operations

Annette Clayton

Chief Executive Officer, President, North America

Venkatesh Alagirisamy

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Wei Gao

Non-Executive Director

Javier Varela

Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO

Devesh Mishra

Non-Executive Director