Radical Reinvention March 27, 2023

Why Are Supply Chains at the Center of Water Security and Safety Issues – And How Can Digitization Provide Solutions?

Water is critical to both mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change. It’s also essential to supply chains – from growing crops to manufacturing, to how consumers use products. In recognition of World Water Day, Kevin is joined by Emilio Tenuta, the SVP and chief sustainability officer at Ecolab, and Carmen de Miguel, the strategic marketing manager for the water and wastewater segment at Schneider Electric, for a conversation about the digital solutions at the heart of tackling increasing global water insecurity.
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In this Episode

Emilio Tenuta

SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ecolab

Carmen de Miguel

Strategic Marketing Manager for the Water and Wastewater Segment, Schneider Electric

Kevin O'Marah (Host)

Co-Founder, Zero100

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This podcast features conversations between Zero100 and a rotating cast of thought leaders and industry experts sharing their views on challenges related to current events in supply chain, and how solving these challenges brings the world closer to a zero percent carbon, 100% digital future.

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