A Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast reports from the digital frontier, where supply chains are being reinvented. We interview leaders from the Zero100 Community who are digitizing supply chains in order to power growth, improve resilience, and decarbonize operations. Join us as we accelerate the Zero100 vision of Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains.


We dive into Walmart’s supply chain, speaking with Andrea Albright, EVP of Sourcing, about everything from leadership behaviors to collaborative partnerships.
November 17 20 mins
Season 2 of our podcast kicks off with guest Leila Jalai, SVP of Global End-to-End Planning and Go-To-Market for the sportswear company Under Armour. The company's mission is to make athletes better… and Leila's mission is to make planning better.
November 9 14 mins
Zero100 sits down with five leaders from Unilever across the globe, diving into how they’re redesigning their tech stack, including AI-powered capabilities and the largest cloud migration in the industry. 
September 27 34 mins
Former CPO of AstraZeneca, John Dickson shares his perspective as he closes a chapter on 30+ years in procurement across pharma, consumer goods, and auto industries.
August 9 25 mins
In this episode, we explore how technology drives new levels of agility and resilience in supply chain planning and execution, featuring leaders from Unilever, Aera Technology, and Zero100.
July 26 38 mins