The Zero100 Podcast February 29, 2024

Modernizing a Global Supply Chain: Cummins’ Mario Guerendo

In this episode, we delve into the details of Cummins’ supply chain transformation journey. Mario Guerendo, Executive Director – Head of Global Supply Chain IT at Cummins sits down with Zero100 to share his experience of digitally integrating a historically decentralized supply chain. We hear about the processes powering this transformation, and the challenges and successes they’re facing on their journey. Mario also gives his view on the emerging technology that could change supply chains in the years to come.
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Mario Guerendo

Executive Director – Head of Global Supply Chain IT, Cummins

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The Zero100 Podcast reports from the digital frontier, where supply chains are being reinvented. We interview leaders from the Zero100 Community who are digitizing supply chains in order to power growth, improve resilience, and decarbonize operations. Join us as we accelerate the Zero100 vision of Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains.

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