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Rewired 2030

Rewired 2030 shares new data, findings, and recommendations that expose the gap between strategy and execution on critical supply chain initiatives while using leading practices to give readers a path forward as they digitize their operations.

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Rewired 2030 brings together survey data (from 1000+ supply chain practitioners, including 122 CSCOs and COOs) along with our own proprietary data set and original research to depict the key difficulties supply chain leaders face in their digital transformations.

The report, available now in full for Zero100 members, dives into these data-driven insights and shares Zero100 strategic frameworks and real-world examples to provide a comprehensive guide to digital, talent, and decarbonization strategies and initiatives for supply chain leaders.

This preview shares some of our key findings.

Our annual Voice of the Supply Chain Leader survey data reveals four major gaps between strategy and execution on critical supply chain initiatives  

Zero100’s analysis of the survey data reveals a story of conflict for CSCOs and COOs: 

  • Digital gap: 58% say they have a digital roadmap, yet only 22% view supply chain as equal, in terms of importance, to IT on build/buy tech decisions. 
  • Talent gap: 48% discuss top talent weekly, yet only 17% believe they are ahead of their competition on recruiting for tomorrow. 
  • Operational performance gap: 83% say that supply chain is directly accountable for business results, yet only 42% can only plan six months out into the future.
  • Decarbonization gap: 69% have a date-bound goal, yet only 16% have started executing on Scope 3.  

These four conflicts showcase the gap between challenging strategic goals and the difficulties of bringing change into operations. 

CSCO/COO-Level Challenges and Opportunities. 

Zero100 proprietary data and analysis, Rewired 2030 study, August 2023.

Analysis reveals the three differentiators that puts digital leaders ahead 

To identify solutions that bridge these gaps, we measured what differentiates digital supply chain leaders from the middle of the pack, and combined this with other Zero100 proprietary research to reveal three core observations: 

  1. Digital and Talent Move Together: Digital initiatives can’t progress without investing in digital talent, and we see leaders simultaneously investing in new technologies and in people with advanced digital skills. 
  2. Progress on Digital, Namely AI: Digital leaders have jumped on artificial intelligence, quickly shifting AI from a topic of interest and interview soundbites into confident and public commitments to digitization. 
  3. Digital Leaders Are Ahead on Decarbonization: Leading digital organizations have piloted and/or deployed decarbonization efforts at 1.3 times the rate of those without a digital roadmap. 

How can CSCOs/COOs bridge the gap? 

Building on these insights and frameworks, the full Rewired 2030 report provides three key areas of focus for CSCOs/COOs and practical guidance to help close the digitization gap between where they are and where they need to be: 

1. Drive Digital Strategy With an AI Blueprint 

Organizations need to map current AI adoption across The Loop (a Zero100 framework that rethinks the classic SCOR model), including a census of use cases and assessment of current capabilities, in order to help supply chain leaders simplify the complex answer to the question “where are we on AI?” The full report shares what this census could look like, a library of AI use cases (including active examples across industries today), and guidance on creating an AI Blueprint. 

2. Build 2030 Skills into Recruitment and Training 

Supply chain leaders, as well as their teams, want to understand the skills profile of a “2030 professional” and crave a development roadmap to guide the learning process around tech essentials such as AI, automation, and digital transformation. Research published by Zero100 broke down the skills question by interviewing dozens of CSCOs and leading supply chain professors to understand both ends of the pipeline, asking what skills supply chains need in the future and what new skills new graduates are bringing today. The resulting solution, mapped against the Zero100 Loop schematic, identifies seven must-have skills for future-ready supply chain organizations. 

Rewired 2030 shares the seven must-have skills for supply chain “2030 professionals,” and how companies that are already identifying and building the right talent are doing so.  

3. Connect Digital and People Strategies via the Six Levers 

By combining Voice of the Supply Chain Leader survey data, feedback from primary research interviews, and other Zero100 proprietary research, the full report establishes a focused set of six tactics that comprise a path to Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains. These are mapped out as “Levers” organizations need to pull to implement their digital roadmap: 

  • Regenerative Business Planning 
  • 0-100 Sourcing 
  • Make-Move Automation
  • Talent 2030 
  • Scope 3 Zero 
  • TikTok Supply Chain 
Graph depicting Digital and People examples across the six Zero100 Levers.

You can find more information about the six Zero100 Levers on

Rewired 2030 includes a full set of proprietary data and insights, detailed recommendations, and practical guidance on closing the digital transformation gap.

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