Radical Reinvention April 26, 2023

Why Is Democratization of Technology Critical to Achieving Successful and Sustainable Supply Chains?

Digitization is now essential for the success of almost any supply chain, but the disparity of access to technology and expertise is restricting millions of businesses, and in turn, the overall advancement of the supply chain industry.

In today’s episode, Matt sits down with Teresa Carlson, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Flexport, Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global, and John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis, to discuss the importance of democratizing supply chain technology.
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In this Episode

Teresa Carlson

President and Chief Commercial Officer, Flexport

Pervinder Johar

CEO, Blume Global

John Sicard

CEO, Kinaxis

Matt Davis (Host)

VP of Research, Zero100

About the Show

This podcast features conversations between Zero100 and a rotating cast of thought leaders and industry experts sharing their views on challenges related to current events in supply chain, and how solving these challenges brings the world closer to a zero percent carbon, 100% digital future.

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