A Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast reports from the digital frontier, where supply chains are being reinvented. We interview leaders from the Zero100 Community who are digitizing supply chains in order to power growth, improve resilience, and decarbonize operations. Join us as we accelerate the Zero100 vision of Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains.


Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars sits down with Zero100 to talk about his career learnings so far, Volvo’s commitment to EVs, and the importance of technology and leadership in the pursuit of sustainability.
May 3 12 mins
Uneven access to tech and expertise is restricting millions of businesses. We talk with Teresa Carlson, CCO, Flexport, Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global, and John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis, on why we need to democratize supply chain technology.
April 26 26 mins
Now more than ever, supply chains live at the nexus of the global economy, sustainability and technology. As a result, supply chains have never been more critical to economic, environmental and social progress around the world.
April 19 24 mins
Digital innovation and investment in social media and e-commerce has created an imbalance in the balance of power in supply and demand, while supply chain digitization lags significantly in comparison. This bullwhip effect, which is being amplified by social media, is getting louder and increasingly more complex as consumers demand more transparency from manufacturers.
April 5 20 mins
Water is critical to both mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change. It’s also essential to supply chains – from growing crops to manufacturing, to how consumers use products.
March 27 30 mins