A Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast

The Zero100 Podcast reports from the digital frontier, where supply chains are being reinvented. We interview leaders from the Zero100 Community who are digitizing supply chains in order to power growth, improve resilience, and decarbonize operations. Join us as we accelerate the Zero100 vision of Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chains.


Tech-enabled solutions are increasing the visibility that is needed in supply chain planning. We talk to three leaders from o9 Solutions, Flexe and project44 about the tech driving this change.
May 31 25 mins
Explore the impact of automation, technology, and population trends on the future of the labor force with Zero100’s Kevin O'Marah and Professor Marianne Wanamaker from the University of Tennessee.
May 24 40 mins
How do we maintain agility despite economic instability? We speak with Mario Rivera, Supply Chain & Logistics Officer of CVS Health, Javier Varela, COO of Volvo and Jiahui Yin, COO of On Running.
May 10 20 mins
Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars sits down with Zero100 to talk about his career learnings so far, Volvo’s commitment to EVs, and the importance of technology and leadership in the pursuit of sustainability.
May 3 12 mins
Uneven access to tech and expertise is restricting millions of businesses. We talk with Teresa Carlson, CCO, Flexport, Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global, and John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis, on why we need to democratize supply chain technology.
April 26 26 mins