The Path July 25, 2023

Anne-Laure Descours, Chief Sourcing Officer at PUMA

In this episode of The Path, Zero100 speaks to Anne-Laure Descours about the journey that led her to becoming Chief Sourcing Officer at PUMA. Driven by, among other things, a desire to experience cultures from around the world, Anne-Laure shares the words she heard as a twenty-something-year-old that still ring in her ears today. When it comes to transforming the supply chain, collaboration is everything, she says. Empathy, shared visions, transparency – all of it is critical. Watch this episode to find out more about Anne-Laure's journey and the importance of a more collective way of thinking.

About the Series

How did supply chain leaders rise to the top of their industry? The Path charts their journey, asking about everything from career highlights and lowlights to machine learning and the future of the planet. Join us as we uncover everything leaders of tomorrow need to know right now.