Research Preview January 31, 2024

Predictions 2024

In an era of rapid digitization and global volatility, Zero100’s latest research report looks ahead to what supply chain and operations leaders can expect in 2024—and how they can capitalize on opportunities both now and in the future.

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Bringing together Zero100 data and insights, use cases, and research on emerging developments, this report lays out ten predictions for the forthcoming year relating to top-of-mind priorities, including GenAI, evolving technology stacks, the fusion of supply chain and IT, talent, and reducing GHG emissions. It will inform and influence your strategy for 2024 and beyond.

The report spans the themes in our discussions at Unilever… some of the predictions are already a part of our reality. They sometimes confirm our thinking, sometimes inform it, sometimes challenge it. At the moment, for example, we’re two years into Prediction Ten with the creation of Unilever Business Operations, which created a closer partnership to unlock greater ways of working with our supply chain and IT teams.”

Steve McCrystal - Chief Enterprise and Technology Officer, Unilever

You can hear more from Steve as well as Fred Laluyaux, President and CEO at Aera Technology, in this conversation, where they debate the Zero100 predictions, share their experiences as global leaders, and offer perspective on what the year ahead will bring in the world of supply chain and operations.

The Ten Zero100 Predictions

Predictions 2024 is intended as a forward-looking roadmap, one based on data and offering practical strategies and recommendations on how to capitalize on the opportunities presented by digitization in a time of radical change.

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