Research Preview February 22, 2024

AI, Carbon, and Talent Benchmarking

New Data Shows the How of Zero100 Supply Chains

This research report shares our vision on what makes a Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital supply chain. We distinguish three key differentiators that separate leaders from laggards across AI, carbon, and talent, revealing new insights and execution case studies that illustrate the stakes are, among other things, revenue growth, progress on sustainability, and future-ready talent.

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Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital. It is a simple but compelling vision of where chief supply chain and operations officers are driving their organizations. The legacy these leaders leave behind will determine whether their businesses grow and thrive—and if they will do so responsibly—in a rapidly changing digital environment. The report, available now in full for Zero100 members, benchmarks where supply chain and operations leaders are against this vision now and the specifics of how they’re accelerating down the path.

This preview shares some of our key findings and conclusions.

The Question Is Not If We Should Build Zero100 Supply Chains…but How

Measuring the gap between leaders and laggards on the priorities of digital, carbon, and talent, we found that:

Digital hiring is highly correlated with revenue growth as well as a company’s ability to hit revenue expectations. Companies leading the charge for AI/ML hiring grew revenue at 2.7x the rate of those hiring for AI/ML skills less aggressively.

Digital leaders are 40% more likely to have publicly set SBTi targets and 3x more likely to be ahead of their targets.

Digital leaders have drastically picked up their hiring for AI/ML skills since the rise of ChatGPT and are now hiring for that skill set at 4.5x the rate of their peers.

The Zero100 transformation journey requires changing both people and systems, and the question is not if we should work to build resilient, responsive, and responsible supply chains but rather how to do it. We take each of these three priorities—digital, Scope 3, and talent— in turn, sharing data, insights, and use cases to reveal how leaders are—and can—accelerate toward a Zero100 future.

Zero100 Leaders Tackle Digital, Carbon, and People Together

The best leaders of this Zero100 transformation can be differentiated from the rest by the way
they handle these three critical, interdependent priorities. Zeroing in on each priority, we found that:

• Leaders build their own tech
• Leaders aren’t afraid of AI
• Leaders love data

• Leaders own carbon directly, not via EH&S or sustainability
• Leaders collaborate with rivals on carbon
• Leaders bake science into their operations

• Leaders want both left and right-brain skills
• Leaders pull talent from everywhere
• Leaders hire for change management skills

Digitization in the AI era is the once-in-a-lifetime chance for chief supply chain and operations officers to seize and master an explosive new set of productivity tools. At this same historic moment, these leaders are being tasked with decarbonizing the industries that will feed, clothe, and care for ten billion humans in the next few decades. People and the talent they bring are the unlock, and so Zero100 data and analysis operate on a simple theory of change:

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