Z100 Guiding Principles

At Z100, our guiding principles (GPs) define how we operate and who we hire – they’re who we are. Our GPs are intertwined with the daily rhythm of our business – our DNA.

Live our purpose

We exist to help our customers use their supply chains as a force for good and create the world we all want to live in. To do that, we build products and programs that help close the gap between the importance, pace of innovation and complexity of the profession and the outdated resources currently available to leaders and their teams looking to get smarter. We ensure we grow and manage our business in a credible way, we think long-term and ensure we walk the walk of our mission internally and externally.

Earn trust

We are empathetic, straightforward and treat colleagues, customers, business partners and stakeholders with equal respect, regardless of level or position. We recognize trust takes time to build and can be lost in an instant. We think and act with a healthy dose of humility and avoid defensiveness when our ideas are challenged. We value ‘hot debates’ but commit to decisions after we’ve made them to ensure that if we fail, it’s as a team.

Build diversity into our fabric

We strive to be the most inclusive and inspiring employer in our industry. We hold each other accountable for the diversity of our teams, products, ideas, and actions. While we acknowledge and reflect on progress, we recognize there’s always more we can do to celebrate and amplify diverse perspectives in our teams and with our customers.

Have strong judgement

We are right more often than not, but we never assume that our judgement is flawless. We use a one-way door/two-way door framework to help us move fast in the face of ambiguity.

Are customer obsessed

We invent on behalf of customers. We work backward from customer needs – both stated and unstated – and regularly challenge customer views with bold yet humble invention. We measure customer trust via our ability to win new customers and retain those we already have.

Simplify and scale

We simplify products, processes, and communications, with particular attention to how they work as we scale our business. We distil the vital few priorities from the trivial many and maintain a healthy degree of paranoia that we’re working on the wrong thing.

Own results

Results matter and we’re all accountable for them, but we don’t blame others when we’re off target. We make tough promises and keep them, but never at the expense of our integrity. We own our shortcomings and know that what we deliver is equally important as how we deliver it.

Are bold

We are stubborn on our big vision but flexible on the details of how we deliver it. We know that incremental progress is only relevant if we have a clear direction of travel. We use experience as a guide but not a constraint – we’re willing to ignore it in the face of new data or qualified opinions.

Stay connected to details

We are truth seekers with a strong handle on our key business inputs; we understand the nuances of our business to a degree that some may feel is excessive. We’re skeptical when metrics and anecdotes differ and dive deep to understand why. We never say, ‘I’m too senior to worry about details.’

Have relentlessly high standards

Our quality bar is unapologetically high because customers and colleagues expect premium outputs. We prioritize identifying and solving the root cause of issues rather than continually relying on individual ‘good intentions’ to solve recurring problems as they emerge.

Embrace change

We are perennially curious, life-long learners who challenge our own assumptions and work to disprove our instincts. We lean in to new and challenging situations and constantly work to improve what we deliver. We aren’t afraid to learn on the fly or get scrappy in the short term if it leads to better long-term results.

Recruit, develop and promote the best

We recruit top talent and invest time and diligent energy into their ongoing development well beyond standard performance review cycles. We don’t let reporting lines hold us back from coaching, providing feedback and enabling each other’s professional growth.