The AI Advantage June 18, 2024

Transformation in the First Mile

When it comes to supply chain, is sourcing the next AI frontier?

AI is already transforming how products are priced, marketed, and delivered – that’s a known quantity. But it also unlocks an exciting new set of opportunities for sourcing in terms of spend, speed, and sustainability.

In the third episode of The AI Advantage, senior leaders from Nestlé, New Balance, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, and Walmart break down why sourcing is ready for its AI revolution, and reveal how the tech is already changing supply chain’s first mile.
The AI Advantage

About the Series

Discover the future of AI in supply chains with the pioneers leading the way. Dive into critical topics like AI strategy, future tech stacks, first-mile reinvention, and deglobalization. Join us as we explore how AI is reshaping the landscape, offering leaders a once-in-a-generation opportunity.