The AI Advantage June 27, 2024

Roadmaps to Resilience

If geopolitical events, regulatory overhauls, and climate change have taught us anything, it’s that a company can’t thrive without a resilient supply chain.  It’s not just about how well you bounce back from disruption. It’s about how well you can spot, prepare for, and protect against risks ahead of time – and AI can make that a whole lot easier. Watch the fourth episode of Zero100’s AI Advantage series to find out how AI can help senior leaders navigate the risks of running a global supply chain.
The AI Advantage

About the Series

Discover the future of AI in supply chains with the pioneers leading the way. Dive into critical topics like AI strategy, future tech stacks, first-mile reinvention, and deglobalization. Join us as we explore how AI is reshaping the landscape, offering leaders a once-in-a-generation opportunity.