The AI Advantage June 7, 2024

Building Tomorrow’s Tech Stack

The supply chain tech stack revolution is well underway. But when it comes to AI solutions, how do you separate hype from genuine value? From contract negotiation bots to logistics automation, new tech seems to pop up daily, promising everything, everywhere, all at once – and it’s A LOT to keep track of.

In the latest episode of The AI Advantage we brought the question to our community.

Watch to learn how the leading lights of supply chain are filtering out the noise and focusing on fundamentals to find the best solutions for their organizations.
The AI Advantage

About the Series

Discover the future of AI in supply chains with the pioneers leading the way. Dive into critical topics like AI strategy, future tech stacks, first-mile reinvention, and deglobalization. Join us as we explore how AI is reshaping the landscape, offering leaders a once-in-a-generation opportunity.