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Our tools support Zero100 members in building the future of supply chain by applying proprietary research, frameworks and community insights within their teams and organizations.

Data Tools

The tools below provide access to visual stories of data sourced from Zero100’s ongoing surveys, social listening tools, and semantic analysis.

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As leaders, we harness the transformative power of digital technology, while applying the principles of circularity in our operations to build global supply chains of the future.

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Dive Deeper

Explore supply chain from both supply-side and demand-side perspectives, featuring Kevin O’Marah (Zero100) and Professor Scott Galloway (NYU Stern).


Identifying where to extract, buy, or exchange raw materials needed to manufacture finished goods.


Form by putting parts together or combining substances. Produce something on a large-scale.


Managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.


The means of distribution through which goods or services pass until they reach the final buyer.


Customer-centric data profiling their activities while using a product, when and how they used it, and the duration of usage.


Seeking to restore, replenish, and ultimately “regenerate” more resources than required, resulting in net benefits.