Radical Reinvention April 5, 2023

What’s a TikTok Supply Chain?

Digital innovation and investment in social media and e-commerce has created an imbalance in the balance of power in supply and demand, while supply chain digitization lags significantly in comparison. This bullwhip effect, which is being amplified by social media, is getting louder and increasingly more complex as consumers demand more transparency from manufacturers.

In today’s episode, recorded live from Zero100’s annual Forum conference, Matt chats about the impact of TikTok and Gen Z on sustainable supply chains with climate communicator, influencer and lecturer Nicole Loher and Zero100 research director Mike Silverman.
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TikTok Supply Chain

In this Episode

Nicole Loher

Climate Communications Strategist, Researcher & Lecturer, NYU

Matt Davis (Host)

VP of Research, Zero100

Mike Silverman

Research Director, Zero100

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This podcast features conversations between Zero100 and a rotating cast of thought leaders and industry experts sharing their views on challenges related to current events in supply chain, and how solving these challenges brings the world closer to a zero percent carbon, 100% digital future.

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