Radical Reinvention October 31, 2022

What Do Today’s Labor Shortages Mean for Tomorrow’s Automation?

In episode 1, host Kevin O’Marah tackles the ongoing labor shortages that threaten the health of the global supply chain. We first discuss minimum wage policies with Saru Jayaraman, UC Berkeley professor and President of One Fair Wage. We then dive into a data-driven analysis of the US labor market with Colin Gilbert and Eddie Toledo Jr. from the Zero100 research team. And finally, we explore a unique employer in action with Jasmine Donovan, President of Dick’s Drive-In.
Talent 2030

In this Episode

Saru Jayaraman

UC Berkeley professor and President, One Fair Wage

Jasmine Donovan

President, Dick’s Drive-In

Kevin O'Marah (Host)

Co-Founder, Zero100

Colin Gilbert

Head of Research Science, Zero100

Eddie Toledo Jr.

Former Research Analyst, Zero100

About the Show

This podcast features conversations between Zero100 and a rotating cast of thought leaders and industry experts sharing their views on challenges related to current events in supply chain, and how solving these challenges brings the world closer to a zero percent carbon, 100% digital future.

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