Radical Reinvention December 15, 2022

How Can We Create Resilient and Responsible Global Supply Chains Using Digital Roadmaps?

Global supply chains are still recovering from pandemic disruptions, while also trying to evolve toward sustainable operations. As we plan for the new year, supply chain leaders must ensure the right priorities and strategies are baked into their 2023 digital roadmaps. In today’s episode, Kevin dives into digital roadmap strategies and some real world examples with guests Willem Uijen, Chief Procurement Officer at Unilever, and Colin Gilbert, Head of Research Science at Zero100.
Regenerative Business Planning

In this Episode

Willem Uijen

Chief Procurement Officer, Unilever

Kevin O'Marah (Host)

Co-Founder, Zero100

Colin Gilbert

Head of Research Science, Zero100

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This podcast features conversations between Zero100 and a rotating cast of thought leaders and industry experts sharing their views on challenges related to current events in supply chain, and how solving these challenges brings the world closer to a zero percent carbon, 100% digital future.

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