Our Sustainability Story

This Forum showcases our community purpose of Zero Percent Carbon and 100% Digital.

Aspiring to a net zero carbon event is a challenge for all of us, and each change we make adds up.

QR codes placed throughout this event point you to changes made to methods, materials, suppliers, and venues – including carbon offsetting and local NGO partners.

Check out the below to see these changes!

Low Carbon Venue and Food

1 Hotels shares our zero carbon vision.

1 Hotels are committed to community, people, and the planet. They showcase this with LEED Certification and carbon neutral accreditation. They have offset 19,171 tons of carbon to date – the same as taking about 4,000 cars off the road.

Efficient use of energy and water, as well as waste management, is critical for each 1 Hotel building. To optimize waste flows, they partner with Foodprint Group which diverts over 90% of their waste from landfills and incinerators to recycling plants.

The food for this event is seasonally and locally sourced to reduce carbon emissions.

As a group, 1 Hotels partner with local NGOs to help regenerate land and improve local agricultural practices:

Low Carbon Gifts

A gift that’s useful AND eco-conscious is a gift that keeps on giving.

Each item has been included in this event based on the manufacturers’ approach to material selection and product design.

Ocean Bottle
Stay hydrated in the heat! Each ocean bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic – equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles in weight – before they enter the ocean. It’s made from recycled stainless steel.

A5 Stone Notebook
This is the first ever climate positive notebook. It’s made from reused stone from local industries, transformed into paper in a process powered by solar energy that uses neither water nor chemicals.

Luggage Tag
This luggage tag uses the waste from fashion industry offcuts and is colored using an organic dye.

Power Bank
This handy power bank is made from wheat straw, reducing the amount of plastic used.

Leather Glasses Case
This glasses case uses the waste from fashion industry offcuts and is colored using an organic dye.

Beach Tote
This beach tote is a Zero100 favorite, designed for long-term use and created from recycled plastic.

Low Carbon Materials

Eco-conscious swaps!

We have swapped out single-use props made from materials like wood, plastic, and vinyl to invest in alternative solutions with a lower carbon footprint.

Single-use is swapped out for:

  • Digital infrastructure for the mainstage set to avoid waste post event
  • Reusable fabrics so you can find your way through the color-coded zones
  • Reusable signs from upcycled plastics and reusable aluminum TFS frames
  • Reclaimed timber that will be re-homed post event
  • Recycled paper for print materials where required

Low Carbon Social

Music. Drinks. Ambience.

With a laid-back Cabana pool setting and entertainment from Brian Kaspr, the Sunset Social has been thoughtfully designed to let you unwind, without worrying about the evening’s carbon footprint.

Enjoy local artists throughout the event for the lowest carbon impact

Food & Drink
1 Hotels uses seasonal, locally sourced food, while focusing on capacity-specific ordering to reduce waste

To avoid excess waste production, we have hired all equipment and décor items – including furniture, plants, and lights – rather than custom building one-time solutions.

The warm amber lighting avoids disruption to Florida’s flourishing turtle community. How’s your turtle knowledge? Florida’s one of the world’s biggest nesting areas for Loggerhead sea turtles and is home to the Green Leatherback, Kemp’s Ridley, and Hawksbill cousins.

Even Lower Carbon

Although we have taken measures to reduce our carbon emissions, we are still aspiring to a completely zero-carbon event. For this year’s Forum, we are proud to partner with Positive Planet, our carbon offsetting partner.

Additionally, as a Forum community, we contribute to:

Wind Power in Chile
Delivering sustainable development goals like poverty reduction, job generation, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth

Waste for Energy in Brazil
Positively impacting health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy, and climate action

Geothermal in El Salvador
Catalyzing improvements in health and reducing hunger, improving educational outcomes, and contributing to gender equality

Making your Forum eco-conscious is a milestone on our journey to Zero.
Let’s celebrate wins. Suggest improvements. Do better together.